55+ RV Resort Community

Rules & Regulations

NOVEMBER 1, 2013

18005 U.S. 301

  1. No subletting allowed.
  2. The sale or purchase of any unit within this park must be approved by management prior to sale or purchase. Any prospective purchaser must qualify with the requirements of the park rules and regulations.
  3. The park is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss by accident, theft, fire, an act of god, or any other cause whatsoever to either the property or person of any resident, guest or temporary visitor. Also, the park is not responsible or liable for any property damage or personal injury to adults or children resulting from the negligent use of park Recreational facilities or equipment by park residents, guests, temporary visitors or others. All persons who enter or live in the park must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations of the city, county and state. Failure to do so may result in the levying of an ordinance violation fee or eviction.
  4. Retired adults only, over 55 yrs. Two persons to an R.V. Guests are extra per night, two weeks stay only. R.V. Owners must register their guests and pay their fees upon arrival. You must be present when you have guests.
  5. No business activities shall be conducted within the park.
  6. Rates are subject to change without notice. No refunds on deposits or rents.
  7. Small dogs only allowed in park. Always clean up after your pet. Must be walked on dog walk or at rear of park, not on park streets. Harassment of dog walkers will not be tolerated.
  8. Respect others privacy and do not walk between homes.
  9. Do not park vehicles on cement patios. One R.V. Per lot. Guests with sleeper vans must have their own lot. Extra R.V. Units may be parked on your lot to load or unload only 4 hrs. Max, 2 times maximum per season.
  10. One shed per lot, not to exceed 8×10, pre-built, manufactured type, no kits. Management must approve type & placement of shed.
  11. One yard sale only, park-wide one day only.
  12. Because of utility rights of way, Florida rooms, carports awnings, etc. There may not be room for a storage shed. Management reserves the right to determine this.
  13. The park Rec room is designed for private activities for registered R.V. Owners and registered guests only. The park is not responsible for any food served at any gatherings.
  14. Park management expects room to be cleaned, which includes mopping and getting rid of garbage. Do not leave any food in the refrigerator.
  15. No smoking in Rec room, laundry room, and restrooms.
  16. Pool hours: 9 a.m.- dusk. Rec room 8 a.m.- 10 p.m.
  17. Laundry room 8 a.m-8 p.m. Doors locked at 8 p.m.
  18. Children must be supervised at all times around pool, laundry room, restrooms, shuffleboard court and park streets. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at own risk.
  19. Any old or rusting buildings or propane tanks must be painted or replaced when homes are vacated for the summer, all decorations, lawn ornaments, mowers, bikes, grills, furniture, clothes lines, and umbrellas, must be stored out of sight. Take in hoses and turn off main water line. Nothing to be left in yard.
  20. Golf carts – no one under the age of 18 may operate a golf cart within the park. All golf carts operating in the park must have working head and tail lights, carry liability insurance, and obey speed limit and stop signs.
  21. Any building or remodeling must be approved by management and you must have a pasco county building permit.
  22. Vacuum breakers were installed on the hose bib by your electric meter. These breakers are required by the state of fl. Health dept. And must remain on the water supply faucet.
  23. The dumpster is for household trash and garbage only. No appliances, tires, furniture, mattresses, L.P. Bottles, hazardous materials, no building or demolition refuse. These items must be taken to county transfer stations or Recycling center. This is your responsibility!!!
  24. Leaves and lawn clippings, etc. Will not be picked up by management. Take them to designated areas in rear of park. No plastic bags. Thanks!
  25. Please conserve water. Hand watering only. No sprinklers.
  26. Trees – no trimming of trees without permission. Any trees planted by park management or R.V. Owners are not to be removed. Do not attach any objects to trees, —screws, nails, bolts, hooks, or satellite dish. Park is not responsible for damage or injury from falling trees or branches.
  27. Storage area – you must get permission from park manager (Steve) before using park storage area. All motor vehicles, boats, trailers, R.V.’s must have current registration. Management reserves the right to deny use of storage area and reserves the right to charge a storage fee.
  28. All contractors, service men, shed movers, installers, R.V. Transporters, etc. Must check in at office before starting work. Tampering with park utilities, water connections, valves, sewer connections & clean-outs, electric services, is strictly prohibited.
  29. Loud, boisterous, abusive language is strictly prohibited in park. No posting of derogatory signs, billboards, flags or announcements are allowed anywhere on park property. Management reserves the right to remove any of these.
  30. Illegal drugs – sale or use of illegal drugs on park property is strictly prohibited. Sheriffs’ office will be notified–also immediate eviction from park.
  31. Alcoholic beverages – use of alcoholic beverages on park property &at social functions is at your own risk. Vending of alcoholic beverage(free or sale) is strictly prohibited. Use of motor vehicles or golf carts while under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited on park property.
  32. Owners& management of town & country R.V. Park will not be responsible for injury or loss from the use of alcoholic beverages.
  33. Park Recreational facilities & social functions are for registered tenants & registered guests only. No exceptions!
  34. Driving range – use of driving range is at your own risk. Driven golf balls must be on ground by third marker. Do not drive golf balls if anyone or anything is on range or road to golf course. This includes runners, walkers, dog walkers, golf carts, maintenance equipment. Etc. Please pickup the same number of golf balls you drive.
  35. Unoccupied R.V. lots are not to be used for parking or dog walks. Do not encroach on unoccupied R.V. Lots.
  36. Insurance regulations prohibit us from loaning power and hand tools, ladders etc. Please don’t ask; we’ll have to say no.
  37. 6 month lot rental rate – includes 6 months on lot storage and runs 6 consecutive months. Days cannot be transferred. You must register at office upon arrival. 6-month rate must be paid in full. Daily, weekly, monthly rates apply to days stayed over 6-month period. You must contact office if you are staying over 6-month period.
  38. In 1995, the Florida legislature passed laws governing the rights of R.V. Park owners and R.V. Park residents. A copy of chapter 513 of the Florida statutes is on file in the park office for your inspection.
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