55+ RV Resort Community

Uneventful Summers

What is it like without snowbirds during the summer? It is quiet, non-exciting and downright boring. So what is there to write about? Not much. Yes, we beautify the park a bit, and create a few surprises for residents each year, but there is no hustle and there is no bustle. No one to greet us on our walk to the mailroom. No traffic jams in the middle of the roads. No porch parties. No amazing smells coming from ovens or BBQs on every street. No one practicing their golf swing on the driving range. No piano melodies in the air. No Green Bay Packers flags hanging outside park models. No golf carts backing into water pipes. No late night dances. No Coffee Crisp or Hawkins Cheezies from Canada. No Grade A maple syrup from Quebec or Cortland apples from New York State. No spontaneous cheering or laughter reverberating throughout the park. Just plain uneventful.

Let us tell you a little more about the uneventful summer time. The handful of our few year-round residents go about their normal day-to-day activities: golf at the Abbey, water plants for neighbors who flew north for the summer, clean or repair Park Models, visit the doctor, work at local schools, walk the 301 sidewalk, volunteer at the library, help trim our palm trees or just watch the mercury rise from inside with some air conditioning and television. It is hot and humid here during the summer, take our word for it, so feel lucky if you are a snowbird and got to catch some cooler temperatures up north.

As for changes around the park, while you all were gone, we painted the shutters and concrete at the recreation hall a nice dark Terracotta color. We supplied the paint, now after a few glasses of wine during the seasons parties this year, you may feel like you are entering a Tuscan Villa recreation hall. We also repainted the laundry room and bought new washing machines, which will hopefully demand less maintenance compared to the 20-year old ones we had previously. We repainted the mail room and put in new “wooden” laminate flooring. We recoated the pool, trimmed trees, redesigned the entrance fountain, prepared rental trailers and survived a hurricane!

Hurricane Irma gave us a wild ride and left us a challenging mess but luckily our nestled-in-nature location shielded us from strong winds. Many of you were on the edge of your seats waiting to hear if there was any damage. We were also nervous as we were sitting inside our shelters. Although five trees fell down, no houses were hit. Tree branch debris lined the streets and rooftops anywhere from 1-5 feet high so we played “pick-up-sticks” for a week or so. Thanks to our summer residents for their help after the storm.

Onto other boring news, did you all know that we have to cut the grass once a week? It grows so fast with all the rain we get. Gary, the resident grass mowing man, hops into his zero-turn “grasscar” race mower and clips the grass at a bristling speed. On the subject of growth, we watched summer flowers and trees bloom: jasmine, mandevilla, azaleas, zinnias, plumbago and crepe myrtles. Someone’s large pig came through our property. A few calves were born in the back pasture.

I guess there was some excitement over the summer. Just enough excitement to tide us over. But before long, we start to miss our 55+ Northern snowbirds so we are glad you all are coming back. As we welcome our first wave of Town and Country RV Resort residents back from their fun summers, we welcome you all back to the Florida sunshine as well. Have a great winter!

P.S. Remember to pack the Coffee Crisp!!

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